Oracle Data Integrator 12c: Advanced Integration and Development

Oracle Data Integrator 12c: Advanced Integration and Development

Overview of Oracle Data Integrator
ODI Knowledge Modules: Overview
Working with Knowledge Modules
Developing Knowledge Modules
ODI Knowledge Modules: Overview
Developing Knowledge Modules
Using Substitution Methods: Code Examples
Developing Knowledge Modules: Best Practices
Using Java in KMs
Troubleshooting Knowledge Modules
Designing ODI Integration Mappings
Designing Integration Mappings: Best Practices
Maintaining Integrity of Data
Integration Process: Overview
Integration Mappings: Overview
Designing Advanced Integration Mappings
ODI Mappings: Advanced Functionality
Reusable Mappings
Using Variables in ODI
Tracking Variables
Using Variables: Overview
Using Variables in ODI Objects
Accelerating Development with Groovy
Using Groovy Editor
Performing SDK Tasks Using Java with Groovy Editor
Interacting Programmatically with ODI
Working with ASCII Files
Complex Files: Configuring the Topology
Complex Files in Integration Projects
Complex Files Concepts: Overview

Integration of ODI in Enterprise Environment and SOA
Invoking Web Services
Using Web Services with ODI: Overview
ODI Integration with Java EE
Integration of ODI with SOA
Enhancing ODI Security
Security Integration
ODI Security: Overview
Implementing a Strongly Secured Approach
Configuring ODI External Authentication
Choosing Integration Strategies: Best Practices
Working on ODI Projects: Best Practices
Real-Time Data Integration: Using ODI with Oracle GoldenGate
Strategies with Staging Area on the Target
Strategies with Staging Area Different from the Target
Using ODI for Bulk Processing
Defining an ODI Integration Strategies
Cubes and Dimensions
Create Cubes
Overview of Dimensions
Create Dimensions
Overview of a Cube

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